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    Circuit Training Lower Body Workout

    Here is another time saving workout, and just a warning...it's pretty intense! Again, you'll be moving with little to no rest in between exercises, so you'll be raising your heart rate while also working the muscles to the point of exhaustion.

    I’m giving you my own personal workout here as an example, but find what weights work for you. You should be able to complete 12 repetitions of each exercise with proper form. The last 4 repetitions (9,10,11,12) should be difficult, but not to the point that you lose proper form (complete each exercise will a full range of motion). If you start to lose form and cannot complete all 12 repetitions, decrease the weight you’re using, finish the set, and make a note of the weight that is right for you. Writing down your workout takes the guessing out of the equation the next time you do the workout.

    This workout hits all major muscles of the lower body: quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, hips, and glutes. Although the last set (inner and outer thigh) is less of a circuit and more like a "superset" of two exercises, it's a nice add-on to help maintain hip strength and flexibility, improving your ability to complete compound exercises, such as the squat, with better form and range of motion. Your heart rate won't be up as high near the end, but I doubt you'll complain after that tough first set!

    If you’re progress has slowed or you haven’t changed your strength training routine in a few weeks, try this for a non-stop fat burning muscle toning workout. Let me know what you think!

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