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Fitness Model Photo Ready

Many of you have asked if there's anything I do specifically to prepare for a photo shoot. Many times, I'm not given much warning when it comes to being on camera for castings, video auditions and photo shoots. Because of this, I try to stay camera ready as much as possible. Nothing like the fear of an impending swimwear casting on Monday to keep one in line over the weekend!

However, let's say I've just returned from a vacation, weekend of travel, or feel like I'm slipping a little with some lackadaisical eating. There are a few solid rituals I can count on to get right back where I want to be physically. If you have a special event, upcoming photos, or are just in the midst of a Fitness 911 and need rescuing , use these simple tips to get tight, toned, and ready to shoot in record time. Feel free to share any tips you might have up your sleeve yourself in the comments section. I love hearing from you!