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    Forks Over Knives

    Prevention is my absolute passion, so when I heard about the latest and greatest food documentary that premiered today in New York City, I hopped on the subway and raced to buy a ticket. Forks Over Knives follows suit behind other eye opening documentaries like Food Matters, Super Size Me, and Food Inc. to name a few. I love documentaries, because they don’t require the same commitment that a 500 page book might, and you still walk away learning something new or hearing a reminder that might come at the exact time when you need it most.

    We've heard the shocking health statistics on the problems associated with being overweight and obese. However, I think no other food documentary thus far places as much emphasis on the need for a plant-based diet as this one. I’m talking about eating more veggies people!!! A couple years ago, I read an amazing book by Dr. Colin Campbell called The China Study. Reading that book, along with the stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis of a dear friend of mine who was put on a Vegan diet as part of her treatment, are what inspired me to go vegetarian for 30 days a couple years ago. That experience honestly changed my life. Years later I still consume much less meat, and my diet is largely pescotarian with a few chicken or turkey breasts here and there. I cannot even remember the last time I ate anything coming from a cow or a pig. If there is one thing that is lacking in most people’s diets it’s VEGGIES!

    The majority of people in the US and now in many countries abroad are walking around with blinders, pretending like the status quo of eating cheeseburgers and becoming overweight is perfectly acceptable. Well it’s not. There is a general state of denial, because let’s face it… The truth hurts! Why do you think so many people talk about one day looking in the mirror and not even recognizing themselves? “How did I get to this point?" I, myself, was there at one time, so believe me when I say I understand it can happen pretty easily.

    To keep ignoring a health problem and hope that it goes away on it’s own will only result in unnecessary pain and suffering. I’ve seen my fair share of pain and suffering, and I assure you it’s not worth it. If you’ve ever helplessly watched a loved one die a long slow painful death from a disease, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s especially hard to watch when you know in your gut that maybe, just maybe, if their lifestyle had been different, it might have been avoided altogether. That is what made me decide to change my own life and to now help others do the same.

    Forks Over Knives draws on the philosophy that food IS medicine. It highlights several patients diagnosed with chronic ailments and shows their progress as they adopt a whole foods plant-based diet as the primary way to overcome their sickness and eliminate any need for prescription medications. It is thought provoking, informative and inspiring to say the least. Keep your eyes out for it at a theater near you, and take someone you care about to see it!

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