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    Portable Picnic

    Happy Memorial Day weekend! My cooler is packed, and I'm ready to hit the lake tomorrow bright and early! Triple digits are in full effect here in Austin, and I plan to be submerged in water for a good portion of the day. Summer is a great chance to get active outdoors, but it also tends to bring some unhealthy eating. It's up to you to bring your own healthy eats if you don't want to get stuck eating potato salad and greasy burgers.

    My criteria for these meals was that they had to be ultra portable (no plates or silverware needed, wind resistant, easy-to-grab, and made with healthy wholesome ingredients). If you're looking for some ideas for picnics, parties, or just no mess meals, try these easy-to-make options...

    Asparagus Roll-Ups:
    Steam asparagus briefly (about 3 min. to al dente). Allow to cool on paper towel and pat dry. Layer one slice all natural lean ham or turkey with a slice of reduced fat cheese, asparagus and red pepper strip. Fold edges of meat around front and secure together with a scallion. Make them ham/swiss, turkey/cheddar, or turkey/swiss. These are my new favorite anytizers! They're so easy and look really fancy to take to any party. If you try one from this Portable Picnic blog, I highly recommend these!

    Fresh Fruit Kabobs:
    Wash and pat dry fresh fruit of your choice. String along wooden skewer, leaving just enough room to pick up at one end. Make these red, white, and blue for US holidays or just choose your favorites. I like fruits with the highest water content like strawberries, grapes, oranges, and cantaloupe.

    BBQ Chicken Breast Skewers & Pineapple Wedges:
    Grill chicken breasts, allow to cool, and cut into bite size pieces. Toss with a low sugar/low carb BBQ sauce and load them onto the skewer. These are great cold, and think of the calories and fat you'll be saving by passing up on the burgers and hot dogs! There is no better boat food than pineapple in my opinion. It's ultra hydrating and goes really well with BBQ'ed meats. It's a must have for blazing hot days in the sun.

    Crunchmaster's Gluten Free Multi-Grain Crackers:
    Skip the chips and find healthier alternatives to get your salty crunch fix. These are made with whole grain brown rice, sesame seeds, quinoa, and flax seeds. Scrumptous!

    Shrimp Cocktail:
    No time to cook? No worries. Grab a shrimp cocktail ring from your grocery store. You'll have a light sophisticated meal packed with protein, and you won't even have to lift a finger.

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