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    South Beach Booty Blast

    If there is one thing South Beach can provide, it's a little extra motivation to tighten up the rear. Even in November, you'll find a healthy dose of thongs on the beach and scantily clad natives zipping by on their Vespas. It's enough to make anyone want to turn around and take a few extra glances in the hotel room mirror. That, and the infommercial for the Brazilian Butt Lift bright and early this morning, inspired me to get in a lower body workout that left my legs shaking and glutes on fire.

    You've probably noticed a trend in my favorite workouts by now....compound exercises! This workout will no doubt hit the glutes, but also targets the hamstrings, quadriceps and calves to ensure that you're hitting all major muscle groups in the lower body. And of course, what's the point in having a nice tight tush if your midsection isn't, so I didn't want to leave without including some challenging core work at the end.

    Using higher reps without increasing the weights with each set will help to increase your muscular endurance while still challenging your strength. Modify the amount of weight used according to your own level of fitness. The last 3-4 repetitions on each set should be very difficult to complete, but not enough to make you lose proper form. Try this workout the next time you're looking for a new routine. You'll be one step closer to having a gorgeous South Beach booty!

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