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High Intensity Interval Training
     -Walking HIIT
     -Running HIIT
     -Stationary Bike HIIT
     -Stepmill HIIT
     -At Home HIIT

Injury Free Run/ Walk Method

Circuit Training
     -Upper Body Workout
     -Lower Body Workout

Pyramid Training
     -Upper Body Workout
     -Lower Body Workout

     -Upper Body Workout
     -Lower Body Workout

South Beach Booty Blast

21 Day CrossFit / Paleo Challenge
     -21 days of Paleo meals
     -Paleo Recipes
     -CrossFit Workouts
Shape Fit
     -100's of Animated Exercise Demos

LIVESTRONG.COM / The Daily Plate
     -Fitness Database
     -BEST Food & Calorie Tracking
     -mobile app
Body-for-LIFE Training Guides
     -Strength Training
     -Cardiovascular Training

How to Do a Pull-up
How to Do an Abdominal Crunch
Achilles Tendon Strengthening
How to Build Pectoral Muscles
Emily Alvers Fitness on YouTube
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